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Do you have a BIG IDEA, product, service, or concept that will set the world on fire?

Yet even with a great idea, entrepreneurs need to have a well-developed business description, marketing research, defined strategy, and a thorough  financial framework. Imagine you're on Shark Tank - how will you get the attention of the judges? You need a solid business plan.

"The Big Idea SCV" event provides a unique opportunity for those ages 16 - 22 to learn about entrepreneurship, and prepare to put their ideas into action. The Big Idea SCV Challenge focuses on unleashing creativity, encouraging a mindset of abundance and self-determination, and promoting purposeful entrepreneurial action. 


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High school and College students ages 16 - 22 with a solid business idea, concept, product are invited to pitch in front of a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs for a chance to win cash prizes. Over $25,000 in total prizes will be awarded. Pitch your innovative business concepts to experienced entrepreneurs and business-people, receive feedback on their ideas, join a community of like-minded students, and compete for prizes?


 Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of what makes America great. Successful businesses are founded on interdisciplinary, communication, and critical thinking skills, many of which must be gained through experience. While raw knowledge can be obtained in the classroom, it can be difficult for a burgeoning young entrepreneur to experience the process of developing a business plan and executing it. That’s where entrepreneurship competitions can help play a huge role. These competitions give outlets to students who may have a great idea but lack the resources or mentorship for comprehensive follow-through.


With economists predicting the jobs of tomorrow don’t even exist today, entrepreneurial skills are skills for life. Don’t feel intimidated by the term “entrepreneurship”. Even if you don’t consider yourself an entrepreneur in its traditional sense (i.e., start a company), think of entrepreneurial mindset broadly. Are you willing to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone? How often do you take initiative? Are you attracted to new ideas or concepts? Does working with a group of high-achieving peers sound exciting to you? This entrepreneurship competition aims to equip students with core skill sets that are essential to college and career success, skills such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and time management.


Participating in this pitch competition is an investment for your future and decades to come.  This competition will give you a platform where you can pitch your startup in front of community business leaders, an opportunity to showcase your idea and possibly win…  We encourage every student to throw their hat in the ring and get some experience pitching their venture – you never know what you’ll end up walking away with!


 The Big Idea SCV is a signature project of the BFF of CA, in partnership with the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation


Application Process

  • There is no fee to apply
  • ** The BFF and SCVEDC assume no control or ownership of submittals
    • Information in applications may be made public at any point during the competition and therefore is not protected, unless the applicant has their own patent, trademark or legal protection **
  • The Initial Application is uploaded online prior to the deadline, midnight February 21, 2023, which includes:
    • A description of your business idea in fewer than 500 words (Template available for download)
    • An endorsement letter from any teacher/faculty member

  • Semi Finalists will prepare and submit a business plan and have the opportunity to attend a 3-part workshop that will teach Business Basics, Branding/Marketing and How to Make a Pitch
  • Finalists will make a 5-minute Pitch to judges LIVE at the final event on April 26, 2023.
  • Winners announced at the April 26, 2023 Final Event!
Download Application
Submit an Application
Event Timeline

On behalf of the Baker Family Foundation and the Economic Development Corporation we would like to thank you all for your support of The Big Idea SCV. Unfortunately, due to lack of submissions we are going to suspend the competition at this time.


However, like all good entrepreneur’s we are not going to let this setback detour us from bringing this incredible event to our community. When you hit a wall you "climb over it" and this is exactly what are doing. We are going to regroup, pivot and intend to relaunch the competition this fall. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!




Big Idea FAQ's

We've got the Answers

Who Can Apply?
  • High School and College, ages 16 - 22 yrs
  • Must be currently enrolled in school
  • Must be endorsed by a faculty member from the school where the student is enrolled
  • Competition entries must intend to be operating for profit ventures or specific career designation
  • Individuals only at this point, no group entries
  • Cannot be an existing revenue generating business
Who Owns the IP for these Ideas?
The Big Idea, SCVEDC, and the BFF do not assume any control or ownership of the submittals.
  • Information in applications may be made public at any point during the competition and therefore is not protected, unless the applicant has their own patent, trademark or legal protection. 
How Are Winners Selected?

An independent panel of judges reviews all entries. The finalists will be invited to present their business idea (or discuss a business they now operate) in five minute presentations to a panel of judges. The judges will score all finalists based on their written submission and oral presentations to determine a 1st and 2nd place winner.

What Am I Being Judged On?
  • What problem does your product or service solve?
  • How do you propose making money?
  • Who are your customers and why will they buy your product or service?
  • Who is your competition and how are you going to be better than the competition?
  • Is your idea innovative?
  • Do you have passion?
Who Are the Judges?
The Big Idea SCV is pleased that many successful business leaders from the Santa Clarita Valley are volunteering as judges and mentors.
What Are the Prizes?

Over $25,000 worth of prizes will be awarded throughout the competition. The winning applicant will receive a $7,500 prize.

Have More Questions? Contact Us!

For any further questions or inquiries about The Big Idea SCV project, please contact:



Business Planning Resources
Good Business Books
  • From Good to Great by Jim Collins

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

  • The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge

  • Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek

  • Why A Students Work for C Students by Robert Kiyosaki

  • What They Don’t Teach you at Harvard Business School by Mark McCormack



About the Baker Family Foundation

The BFF strives to make a positive impact on our community by creating a bridge between those in need and the resources that drive positive change. We focus on two primary areas.


Providing life changing resources for our community’s youth through various BFF programs, grants, and scholarship opportunities.


Providing immediate resources for those who have been affected by a crisis or hardship situation beyond their control. We aim to help and support those individuals and act as a BFF (BEST FRIEND) to those in need.


Guided by the respect and empathy we hold for the people we serve, we pursue this mission with compassion, transparency and generosity.

About the SCVEDC

As a unique private / public partnership representing the united effort of regional industry
and government leaders,the Santa Clarita Valley Economic Development Corporation (SCVEDC)
adopts an integrated approach to attracting, retaining and expanding a diversity of businesses,
especially those in key industry clusters.

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